Thursday, March 01, 2012

Fluffy Snow

Pretty snow and a morning walk 

Morgan hears, sees and/or smells something in the woods.
I see snow.

It's noon and we still have some snow. 

A sunny day in the 50's is forecast for tomorrow.
So, I'm enjoying the snow while it's here.

Update later...
It's later...
6, six, eggs!
The chickens must be laying eggs out in the woods 
but since they are locked up 
I get the eggs today.
Tomorrow they will be out and up to their old tricks.

It's after 7pm and the snow is melting a bit.
It makes for slushy walking.
I almost fell once.
I'm being more careful.
I guess I will be glad to see the sun chase the snow away.


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LindaG said...

Have a wonderful Friday! :)