Friday, March 23, 2012

Snowy Footprints

Morgan dragged me over to the fence and spent a long time 
sniffing the mysterious footprints. 

The critter seemed to go right through the fence. 
We never saw the footprint maker. 

More rosti for dinner. 

I'm so bad. 
I still haven't fixed the flag. 
I think I'll wait until the sun comes back. 
We are due for more rain... snow? 

3 eggs today 



LindaG said...

Eh. Your flag can still be seen. No hurry. :o)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Goose Hill Farm said...

Good morning! It is a beautiful day here in VA, with our temps hitting 80 yesterday and possible the same today. We didn't get much snow here this winter and for that I am bummed, but I'll live.

May I ask what rosti is? Whatever it is, it looks YUMMY! lol

We got three eggs yesterday as well. Very unusual for our ladies.

Praying for nice weather for you!


BTW....I LOVE your rooster flag! :D

callie brady said...

Goose Hill Farm:
Hope you enjoy the warm weather.
Rosti is a way to cook potatoes.
Check Bills video:

He sent me the recipe!
I love rosti!

callie brady said...

I really left the flag bent because I didn't want to fatigue and break the metal by repeatedly bending the pole upright.
You have a great weekend too!