Thursday, March 15, 2012

We've Got Rain!

And that is an actual rain puddle! 


Morgan can hardly believe it... 
Well, really... she just wants to get back in the house. 
She is not at all enamored of the wet stuff. 

But, I'm very glad we are getting some rain, 
because either we get a lot more rain 
or we are lined up for a very scary fire season 

So, I'm hoping for more rain and even snow. 
We get Spring snow sometimes.

Rain, Rain, Rain,
keep coming!!! 

3 eggs today 



LindaG said...

Glad to hear you got rain! Have a great evening. :-)

callie brady said...


Thanks for the good rainy wishes... we really, really need the rain. We are forecast more rain and even snow in the foothills next week.

Martin and Amy said...

Lucky you! We haven't had rain in what seems like an age.

I see some is scheduled for us this weekend so fingers crossed!

callie brady said...

Here's hoping you get lots of rain! It is so dark here that I gave up trying to take any pictures outside.