Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Rush Out Of The Chicken Pen

Open The Door And Stand Back!

The chickens make lots of noise in the pen,

but as soon as I open the door

they hurry to see who can be first. 

The smart hens stay behind for a snack or 
the pick of a choice nest box.

The rest of the bunch make a rush for sunny places to warm up. 
I head back in the house to warm up.

I boiled 2 potatoes for 10 minutes tonight and left them to sit overnight.
I'm going to try and make rosti for breakfast tomorrow.

2 eggs today
Eggs and peppers!
Fresh eggs are the best!



LindaG said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Martin and Amy said...

Your hens are beautiful!

diane b said...

Bill tells me it was successful. Yum, yum I iove it