Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snowy Morning

It's snowing this morning.
Mr. Pumpkinhead looks good covered in snow.

I can shake the branch and knock off the snow 
but I like how the branch hangs down over the driveway.

What's that?
A pile of empty feed sacks!
They were full of leaves that ...

I dumped in the chicken pen to give the chickens something to play with.
Nice and dry in the pen.

I love to walk in the snow.

Everything looks so clean and new.

Another snowy branch wall.
This time with a door.

This looks like more fun in the snow.

Morgan would like to take off and run in the snow 
but she would get way too wet 
and I don't want to deal with a wet dirty dog.
She went to the groomer yesterday and is clean.

I filled up the paper and the wood kindling barrels in the house.
I think I will make oatmeal for breakfast and a scrambled egg.
Sounds good.

We are supposed to get rain and snow 
so don't know how long this snow will stick around.

1 egg today!
...and I found another one tonight!


Sharon said...

The snow looks pretty.

That was a great idea for the leaves, I must say!

We're under a tornado watch...

LindaG said...

Must be why it snowed. Morgan got groomed. ;)
Enjoy your snow! We had oatmeal, too. :)

rkbsnana said...

Isn't snow pretty? Did you scramble the one little egg in the basket?

Carmi said...

We've just been getting a scant covering and threat of snow here in the PNW. If you don't use your empty feed bags, I would be interested in them. Contact me at

Tanya said...

I let Choco run in the snow yesterday. I was hoping the set snow would CLEAN her off a bit!!!

Tanya said...

I let Choco run in the wet snow yesterday hoping that it would CLEAN her off a bit!

Tanya said...

I'm having trouble commenting on your blog lately! The verification won't let me in! Third try is the charm?

Choco ran in the snow yesterday hoping that would clean her off!