Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Wow! Surprise In The Mail

This package was sent from Australia
over 6 months ago
just showed up at the PO today!

Gee, could it be the missing package?

The box was stamped:

Wonder where that was?
I can make up all kinds of scenarios.

Inside was:

It's a wok! Yay!

Along with candy!!!

Pretty Neat!

The Trail Fire containment date is still
July 9th, 2016
And that is way better than pretty neat!!!



xx said...

Okay, what is really thought provoking is that the P.O. has a rubber stamp ready and waiting that indicates the package was found in "supposedly empty equipment". How often does this happen???!!!


LindaG said...

Christmas in July! Glad you finally got your package!
Praying the 9th is what it is. God bless.