Friday, July 29, 2016

Glad We Have These Things On Hand

Soda and Vinegar
helped put me to rights today.

I had a stomach ache
and a little bit of vinegar and water followed
later by some soda
made my tummy 
happy again.

Nail clippers!
Morgan is hiding under the table
to get away from the iPad.

She hates, really hates having her photo taken.

Even more
she hates having her nails clipped.
Today she was limping.
Kristine found that the problem was caused
by two of her nails overlapping.

Tomorrow she gets her nails clipped.
Like it or not!

This blog is about what happens around here.
Not much happening today.
Too hot.
Over 100 degrees.
Morgan is suffering from the heat.
She is getting lots of ice in her water.

Time to put more ice in her water.



LindaG said...

Might be time to shave her when you trim her nails..
Glad you are feeling better. Stay cool and be safe!

Denise inVA said...

Hi Callie, cute photo of Morgan. I remember our precious pup not liking getting her nails cut. I will have to remember the remedy of soda and vinegar. I am trying natural remedies these days. We had a family bereavement and I have only just returned after my blog break. Good to be visiting again.