Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Smoke And Socks

I know this photo is pathetic.
But I have spent a lot of time yesterday and today
trying to figure out
how to knit a German short row sock heel.

I have never knit a sock before.
YouTube has provided lots of videos on the subject.
But, I have yet to find a video that 
gives me all the answers.

I am finding out a lot of facts.
Like... the toe and the heel are knit the same.
Some of the videos are contradictory. 

I stopped knitting on the sock 
and decided to concentrate on learning
the heel and toe stitches.
I'll keep looking.

Everything in the photo is ok.
Now I just need to find out the next steps.
If short rows are easier to knit,
then wraps and turns must be really difficult.

Maybe I should just design my own sock!

I don't like reading and trying to follow patterns.

I think I will ask my neighbor if she knits...

Fire News:

It is smokey outside now.
So all the windows are closed.

The most active part of the fire is located 
down in the canyon  
on the opposite side of the river.
The SouthWest part of the fire.

But the firefighters are holding their own
and containing the fire.
They think the fire will reach the river there
tonight or mid tomorrow?

The containment date has moved up
to July 9th!

Hooray for the FireFighters!!!



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