Saturday, July 09, 2016

I Packed!

The Mom parental unit is packed.
Well, Mostly!

Laid out clothes on bed along with list of stuff to pack.

Fold and roll shirts I want to pack.

Shoes ready to go into plastic bags.

Shirts rolled and packed.
There are jeans under the shirts.
The shirt and clothes on the bench
are for me to wear tomorrow.

Still have to pack last minute stuff.
I have a list for that too.

Of course, I packed too much.
Thank goodness the suitcase is not very big.
The little backpack is just for shoes.
That backpack is a post all in its own.

I think I will go make more biscuits
to take on the trip.



LindaG said...

Have a safe trip! God bless. ♥

diane b said...

Have fun wherever you go.