Friday, July 08, 2016

Must Pack!

I've been putting off packing...
Reasons, I always find reasons for why I should wait until tomorrow.
Well, tomorrow is upon me.

At least I got the cases out of the closet...

I did get all my laundry washed and ready to pack.
My excuse for not packing then
was that I needed to make sure everything was

My sister got me the little Callie Critter.
Didn't want to pack damp clothes.
Well, stuff is dry.
So, must pack!!!

You notice that I'm writing a post about packing
and not packing?
Yep...another excuse.
Must post!

I'll pack tonight.
I have only one more day before we leave.

I know!
 I will do a post about packing 
my suitcase, etc.
Please, self, pay attention!
I have a block about this whole packing thing.
I love to get there.
Not so much the travel part.
I guess not packing until I have to pack
is my way of
dealing/not dealing with the issue.

Gee, glad I worked all that out!

Now I have to go pack...
And take photos...




Kathleen said...

Yes, pack! Looking forward to the awesome parental units being in town! We'll have to go to all the fun places in the area, and walks in the morning, etc.

LindaG said...

Hope you all have a safe trip! Be careful and God bless.