Sunday, July 03, 2016

Smoke And Socks

The smoke didn't lift out of the canyons today
which meant that the fire fighters couldn't use their planes to fight the fire.

At night the canyons fill with smoke as the wind moves down
while in the morning the wind usually moves up 
and clears enough smoke
so the planes can see to fly and drop retardant, 
water or whatever they need.

So, the fire grew and is now over 5,000 acres
and thankfully has not burned toward us and come up 
to the top of that ridge.

Our town is where Kristine is standing
while she took this photo.
(the grocery store parking lot)

The fire fighters are doing a fantastic job of
keeping the fire down in the canyon
but it is moving East
up toward another town.

This is all very scary since it is so close
and so much depends on the weather.

The fire fighters are amazing!!!
I can't say enough.

Tomorrow, our town is going to have its
4th of July Annual Parade
and after the parade
there will be 
the Annual Independence Day Celebration 
at the Memorial Park
with all kinds of booths, games, music, food, etc.

Even if it is smokey
I don't think anything will be cancelled.
Hope not.
I want to go and take some photos.

So, what have I been doing?
Not much.
I slept in again to catch up on lost hours.

Then I decided to learn to knit socks.
Akin to fiddling?
Anyway, I have got as far as the toe.
Pretty funny.
I think it would make a neat dolls hat.

Hope the smoke lifts tomorrow.
And the planes can fly.

I hear a helicopter flying over the house.
It might be one of the helicopters
that have IR that lets them see through the smoke.
A spotter helicopter.
They have found and then put out several fires
in the area.

Happy the day before the 4th.



~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Callie! I'd wondered if the fires were close to you -- I hope they stay far away, and you can only see them at a distance, so you'll be able to enjoy your parade, and the 4th!

LindaG said...

Praying all goes well for you all.
I think it would make an excellent doll hat as it is right now. ^_^
You all be safe and have a blessed week.