Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Birds Are Always Welcome?

See the buzzards in the trees?

that's because I'm not fast enough with the iPad camera
to catch a photo of them.

They were there!

Around 10 of them
flashing their shadows back and forth over the house and driveway
and then roosting in the trees.

Large beasties!
At first I thought the shadows were from airplanes.

Never seen that behavior before.

Kristine thought that perhaps they were after a squirrel on the roof?
We didn't see anything happening in the driveway.
Just lots of buzzards swooping around.
And sitting in trees.


Anyway, birds are always welcome.
Flying critters show up here regularly...
bats, owls, crows, finch, etc.
This year we haven't seen the blue jays.
And I have only heard one woodpecker.
Seems the birds have moved on to new places?
Have the buzzards chased them away.
We don't know why a lot of birds haven't shown up this year.
Their food sources have changed?
Maybe the drought has caused a change?
Lots of dead trees.

The birds are always welcome back.
Hope they show up next Spring.

Even buzzards.



diane b said...

Woo that would be scary.

LindaG said...

I think woodpeckers like dead trees as much as live for the buggy aspect.
There is a second buzzard type that does not eat only carrion, so who knows what they wanted.
Be careful and stay safe!