Saturday, July 02, 2016

Fire... How Close?

Right now the wind is calm to none.
Hardly any smoke around the house today.
I asked Kristine for a smoke update since 
I slept through the morning.
Staying up until 5:30am will do that...

Kristine went out today and stopped to take some photos.
Trail fire is over 3,000 acres now.

I liked this photo best.The fire is down on the American River and in the steep terrain.

Google maps distance 
says that it is about 1+ to 3 miles away from us
as the crow flies. 
Depending on where you connect us
up to the American River.

I always think of "distance" as driving distance
but if you draw a straight line to the fire it is close.
And even closer in some areas.

But the good news is that mandatory evacuation
orders have been lifted for some areas.
They are still advisory though.

Anyway, I freaked myself out a bit...
didn't realize how close the fire is...

Morgan is huffing and puffing with the heat.
So, I made her some ice for her water bowl.

She likes the little pieces and I don't have to worry
about her cracking her teeth.

Happy 4th Weekend!



Carol S. said...

Hoping that you continue to be safe!

LindaG said...

Glad to hear you are all still safe. That is a blessing.
Smart idea to put ice chips in her water. It is hot here, too.
Have a safe and blessed Independence Day!