Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Predator Attack

A buff brahma has shown up outside the coop.
I managed to catch her and lock her up in the coop with her sisters.
8 chickens so far.

I let all the chickens out of their coop this morning.
As of this afternoon there are 3 chickens missing.
The only sign left of them is ...

The 7 chickens I could find are locked up safely in their coop.
I lured the chickens back in their coop with lots of carrot peelings.
They won't be allowed out to roam in the woods for a month or so.
The predators are feeding their Spring babies with our chickens.

On a lighter note...
Here are some views of the little green garden

that finally has some color added.
The flower bowls seem to like the Spring rain.

So do the herbs.

Morgan would rather be on a sunny porch.



LindaG said...

Our cats would agree with Morgan!
Sorry to hear about your chickens. :-(
*hugs* ♥

Kristine said...

The word verification appears to be gone, just so you know... And I still think you need some sort of large guard type bird for the chickens. Maybe an Emu.... they do a really cool low frequency thrumming noise. Or you could go with the four footed. Maybe a mini donkey. :D

lisa said...

Morgan looks content, that is for sure.

Cat said...

Oh, my... That is too sadly familiar. It turned out to be a bobcat at our house. Which I actually had an up close personal experience with. I don't know who was more frightened, me or Mr. Bob! Those flowers are lovely. The only herbs I have right now are two types of sage, in a strawberry pot. I am considering doing this for any new herbs, as I had some trouble with lemon verbena going NUTSO and spreading allll over. I hope you are able to solve the predator problem... :(


Knatolee said...

I hate hate hate it when predators get my birds! We are having a wire roof put on our outdoor run this spring because I'm so tired of birds flying over the fence and getting eaten. :( It's sad, because the chickens and ducks sure do love roaming freely Sorry for your losses. :(

Barbee' said...

I especially like your ladder with pots of flowers! I'm going to copy you. I have an old wooden ladder that is no longer safe to use. Didn't know what I was saving it for... until now :)

diane b said...

So sorry to hear about your chickens. The flowers are beautiful.

Tanya said...

Your garden and porch are looking so nice! A chair to sit in and a tier of flowers. I wish your chickens were safer though.... Makes me sad to think that they disappear.