Monday, August 01, 2016

Saturday Farmer's Market

Went to farmer's market on Saturday.
Then slept most of the day and evening.
Too late to post.
Around 2am Sunday managed to get this much typed.
My sleep cycle is all messed up
because I have been staying up at night
keeping the doors and windows open to cool the house.
I'll finish this tomorrow...
Well, this is the day after tomorrow.
Since this blog is about what goes on around here...
not much today.
It's cooler.
I slept in the day.
I"m up...soon to go to bed.
This is what I saw in the hall when I got up this morning.

I did kick the leaves closer together
for the photo.
Morgan brings the leaves into the house
after she collects them on
her walks in the forest.

Not much to post about
but, hey, this is what's happening.

Market stuff
The fridge is stuffed with
fruit and flat bread
that we bought on Saturday.
Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, grapes,
pears, loaves of bread,
and blueberries that we already had.

I'm enjoying eating fruit and yogurt!

In 5 weeks there will be chickens to buy
at the farmer's market.
Processed and ready to cook.
Farm chicken raised by a local farmer.
Looking forward to that!
I'm going to buy some to cook and some to freeze.

I'm hoping to get to bed before 2am
and turn my sleep schedule around.



lisa said...

You make me tired ;) Hope you get things all back to normal for your sleep cycle! Chickens, we need a new batch for eggs layers also.

LindaG said...

Boy, I know how that goes about sleep schedules.
I do miss the California farmer's markets. When we were stationed at Beale AFB, the highlight of our week was spending the day at Denio's in Roseville. The closest we have ever come to anything like that anywhere else was the State Farmer's Market in Raleigh, NC. We miss that, too. Your post reminded me how much more we miss Denio's.
Enjoy, be safe and stay cool! God bless!