Sunday, December 02, 2012

Morgan's Pink Raincoat

There were many missed opportunities today to take a photo of Morgan
wearing her new pink raincoat and beige muzzle.

I laid the raincoat,  leash and muzzle out here to dry.
I guess I am so glad to get in out of the rain
and relieve Morgan of the muzzle and wet raincoat
that taking a picture just doesn't register in my memory.

Morgan is yawning

Morgan wants to get inside, get dry and get in bed.
She is eating, drinking and even produced another poo.
Things are looking up!
But no rocks showed up yet.

I'll try to remember to get a photo later tonight.
But it will be dark so I may wait until tomorrow.

The muzzle works great!
Morgan can sniff and root around under the leaves all she wants
and I don't have to worry she will eat anything.
She's happy. I'm happy.
Makes for a relaxing stress free walk for both of us.

Last walk of the day
Morgan is all ready to go for her late night walk.
It isn't raining for a change but the raincoat will keep the chill away.
I like the way the raincoat keeps the leash attached at the top.
Keeps it from getting tangled under her feet.

Poor Morgan.
The muzzle does look uncomfortable
but she doesn't fight wearing it and has only tried to swipe at it a few times.
And since she can sniff around wherever she wants
wearing the muzzle is not a high price to pay.



Knatolee said...

I LOVE her pnk raincoat! And she will get used to the muzzle.

I hope she doesn't have to wear the "cone of shame: for long.

Tanya said...

Hmmm. Morgan doesn't look too thrilled with that muzzle on... But then again she does model her pink raincoat well. Hope she is feeling perky soon!