Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slushy, Mushy, Snow

The hens enjoyed lettuce for a treat this morning. What they really want and all they seem to like is scratch mixed with seed.

They will break down and eat lay pellets if there is nothing else left.

I'm sure the scratch is not that good for egg production but the chickens may need it to combat the cold?

Anyway, I give them a choice of a feeder full of each feed. We will all be glad when Spring shows up to stay.

Morgan stayed in the shed today when I took the feed to the coop. She 
stayed there because I told her to stay.

The weather is a milkshake of slushy mushy snow with alternating layers of wind, rain, sleet, ice and more snow.

Morgan learned this trick
from the male doberman pinscher
we had when she was a puppy.

She is very selective
and only decorates a tree
once in a while.

The chickens left 5 eggs for me this morning. Thanks for the eggs, girls.

I do feel sorry for them out in the coop, but when I go in there to collect eggs it is surprisingly warm compared to the outside. Not really warm, but not freezing either. Chickens are amazing. The cold doesn't seem to bother them nearly as much as the summer heat.

For dinner last night I made a meat loaf in a dutch oven on the wood stove. Turned out great, and I will have to take a photo tonight when I heat up the left overs. I hate it when I miss photo opportunities.


LindaG said...

I've heard that when it's cold and they need more protein. Maybe that's why they like the added seed? My memory fails me. I think I remember what scratch is, but not sure. And I'm not sure what layer pellets are, either.

So much to learn!

lisa said...

Snow comes and goes here along with the mud and slush also! My, Jake goes out to do his business and takes forever to find the right spot!

Wonky Girl said...

Your meatloaf sounds good. Makes me wish we had a wood stove but in AZ would not use it very often.

The scratch I feed has corn and seeds. I read the corn creates heat as it is digested. So my girls only eat scratch when it's cold, mostly before going to bed at night. They miss scratch during summer.

Gone Country said...

We give our chickens just a scoop or two of scratch as a treat along with lots of kitchen scraps because otherwise that would be all they would eat! Their primary food is the pellets.

I hope you catch a break from winter soon!

Your meatloaf sounded good. Why does everything seem to tasted better when it's cooked over a fire?!

euthymic said...

Morgan looks a bit forlorn. The concept of a snowy forest as a milkshake is quite rich.

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