Monday, March 28, 2011

Red Tea Cozy

Tea cozy project in the making. I worked on this yesterday and today and still have some more plans. This cozy will fit most any tea pot except for one of the tall models.

Kristine said she would get me a tea pot in a month or two. So, I'm making a cozy that will fit a tea pot with a long spout and large handle.

I'm sewing this by hand because it has too many layers and is way too thick to fit in a sewing machine.

There are four layers of batting, four layers of fabric, ruffles, and two thermal layers. It is almost too thick for me to sew by hand. The thermal layer is cut from a synthetic carry bag. Sometimes I just use a plastic grocery store bag

I know there are special battings that you can buy for use in hot pads, etc., but I can't get any of that so this is my make do choice.

I didn't take step by step photos to post. I'm going to make another cosy and plan to take some photos to post of that project. I can't make the next cozy until Kristine gets the tea pot because I want to make the cozy to fit the teapot... with a space for the handle to be uncovered.

I'm enjoying sewing while watching shows on YouTube.

Kristine made it home today,
but not up the driveway.

The car got stuck in some
mud and snow.

Things should dry up this week.
There is blue sky
and lots of sun forecast for next week.

Winter weather and then
right to summer?

Some of the ski resorts say they think they have enough snow to stay open until June... maybe July 4th even. Who knows... we may even see more snow. We have had snow in April, May and June. Tricky weather up here.


diane b said...

pretty picture of the road and trees but it must be annoying ot being able to drive on it. Hope it dries out soon. Good job of the tea cosy.

LindaG said...

I can't wait to see it with a pot in it, as I thought it was oddly shaped for one to sit on.

Yes, I am that clueless, haha.

Happy Tuesday to you all! :)

John Gray said...

I read your last post and on the strength of it bought me a skillet like yours!