Sunday, March 06, 2011


Missed the fence by a few feet. Glad I wasn't walking under it when it fell.

Poor little tree... well, it's not little, about 40/50 feet, but still a young tree. I guess the winds and snow load were too much for it to bear.

Still haven't gotten back to working on the quilt, but I have been:

1. planning some neat projects: an apron, mug rugs, tea cozy and some place mats.

2. rereading a set of David Weber Honor Harrington books.

3. and I have been letting a finger on my right sewing hand calm down. First time one of the finger joints got upset and swollen from too much hand sewing. I guess that was my birthday present. No more marathon hand sewing.

Raining today, but still looks like the photo, and rain and snow forecast. Really don't think we will get much snow tomorrow, but you never know.

Well, I'm going to go heat up the chicken soup I made yesterday and make some tea. Kristine brought home pizza. Guess she has had it with the chicken soup.


Denise said...

I love chicken soup and so comforting on a rainy day like this. It's been pouring with rain since the wee hours. Happy to hear none of you were hurt by that falling tree. I hurt my finger too but trying to get a blockage cleared from the roller on my vacuum cleaner, go figure ;) It's been nice visiting again. Have a great week.

LindaG said...

Glad the tree didn't do any damage. Hope you continue to feel better! ♥

euthymic said...

Nice projects you have lined up. Keep well and strong!