Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Of Those Days Where Things Go South

Go South? Wonder where that saying comes from? But, it works for me as it means that things just haven't been working out right today.

Seems like whatever I try to do just hasn't worked out the way I planned. I should have gone back to bed like I did yesterday.

But I stayed up and moved the furniture which meant the next thing I needed to do was vacuum the floor.

Ok. I can do that. Except the vacuum  choked up, gasp... no sucking of air was happening. To make a long story short... I didn't take a picture of the disgusting stuff I finally got out of the tube. I vacuumed, I washed down the floor, and I dried the floor. The floor was clean.  OK. Good so far.

Next, I laid out the quilt backing and even remembered to place it down with the wrong side up.

  Note to self: never make another quilt back out of squares again. It doesn't lay smoothly and it is going to be a terror to quilt with all those seams. Remember this.

Batting is next... I finally, with a lot of crawling around, got the batting smoothed out over the backing. I was tired of floor work so decided to take a rest and go back and have some fun vacuuming.

When I was vacuuming the bathroom I thought, "Gee, the vinyl looks shiny." Yeah, it was shiny alright... water!

Surprise! So, Tom took the toilet out and then left to go buy a new one. Seems the one we had finally flushed its last flush. Well, at least I don't have to put in the new toilet. I stopped vacuuming. I didn't know what I might find next... and went back to the quilt.

I smoothed out the batting again and laid down the quilt top making sure to have backing fabric evenly spaced around the edges. So far, so good.

Before I started sewing basting stitches through all three layers to hold it together so I could start hand quilting, I thought I should wait and ask Kristine if she was happy with the size of the quilt and the thickness of the batting.

(I tried to buy safety pins to use to pin the layers together, but the quilt store didn't have any... phooey!)

Kristine is happy with the size of the quilt, but the batting is too thin. I thought it was too thin also. Maybe it would do for baby quilts?

The last thing I didn't do worked out.  I spent three days basting the last quilt together. I really wouldn't have wanted to spend time ripping out basting stitches.

So, I took the quilt and batting apart, folded them up, put them away and went back to my computer for some down time. Sigh... I love my computer!

3 eggs today
Rain is forecast for the next 10 days... even snow. Ok, I guess rain is better than a lot of snow?


lisa said...

Yes, I have defiantly had those days! I think one of those is today also! First thing was to see the rise in my electric bill :-( I sure hope the rest of the day doesn't go as bad. I love the quilt pattern it is so pretty! Hope tomorrow goes better.

Hopeful said...

hope the weekend is a lot better for you!! from cyberland, the quilt looks great!

Lorilee said...

I basted a twin size quilt on the floor. It is NOT fun crawling around on the floor. My knees and back feel for you!

LindaG said...

Have a better weekend! ♥ :)

Gone Country said...

So sorry about your day! When I have a day like that my usual phrase is, "It's been of those days!"

Here's to a better weekend!

Nice quilt by the way!

Tanya said...

I think you should just use your block "backing" as a new quilt top. So it is simple...that's okay. You can hand quilt some flowers or leaves or something in RANDOM (not all!!!) squares here and there. One piece backing (or connected down the middle) is a lot easier to quilt on...