Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Red Tea Cozy Ready For A TeaPot

The red tea cozy is finished and may see a trial use on Kristine's teapot tonight.

I'll be very happy if the cozy keeps the tea hot for a few hours like the other cozy I made.

Since this cozy fits over the teapot the down side is that the handle on the teapot heats up to an uncomfortable temperature. Ouch!

So, I made a special little chicken to use as a pot holder (handle holder) when pouring the tea.

I still have some stitching to do on the chicken. The white pin heads are sticking out around the bottom.

I enlarged the pattern I had for making pot lid holders. The little chickens are handy for picking up hot pot lids and I like to see them sitting on the pots.

The chicken mug rug makes up a nice trio. I wonder what else I could add to the mix. An apron?

5 eggs eggs this morning.


lisa said...

It is so cute! You did such a great job!

DevonMaid said...

Delightful! Enjoy them xx

diane b said...

Eggs for breakfast today with a hot cup of tea. The cosy and holders are fab.

LindaG said...

Definitely an apron! You are so talented. I love it! :)

Feral Female said...

Oh they`re so cute!