Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tracks In The Snow

The power came back on! Well, it goes on and off and I want to post these photos quickly... so not much text.

I took these photos this morning when I took Morgan out for a walk.

My boot tracks and Morgan's dainty footprints.

Rabbit tracks?

The critter that left these tracks

was small enough to make it through the fence.

This looks like

it could have been a squirrel?

Mystery prints?

No tail drag marks.


Well, this limb didn't exactly make tracks...

more like one deep track.

Glad I wasn't walking down the path during the wind storm we had the other night.

There is more rain (a week+) and snow forecast. All this rain and snow in March is a bit surprising. There was even a tornado in the valley yesterday. 


lisa said...

Looks like us the other day and now they are calling for more snow again tomorrow afternoon into thursday morning!

Lynda said...

We had the tornado...and the hail and wind that went with it! 10 more days of rain and the Sacramento River is over flood stage in Colusa. All I want to do is plant my garden! Boo Hoo! Stay Warm and Dry!

Cat said...

Yep, we had a storm up here a bit earlier, lost power, too. But the snow hasn't stuck. So far... (And thank goodness the limb didn't hit anyone!!!)


LindaG said...

Out like a lion, I guess.
Stay warm!

John Gray said...

and I thought us brits made all the understatements
"yesterday there was a tornado in the valley" lol

Toni aka irishlas said...

Oh, look at all that snow! Here's hoping Spring finds you soon!