Friday, March 25, 2011

Early Snowy Morning

The power is back on... so I'll post some photos. Or maybe not... the photos won't load.
I'll try later.

OK... it's later...

This is what is left of the meat loaf I cooked
on the wood stove.
Yikes... it's still snowing!
Christmas Tree?
Yep... it is still up.
I did take the wreaths and stockings down.
Morgan... I told you to stay in the shed.
It's snowing!
But there is something trying to get in here...
can't I go chase it?
Kristine didn't make it home again last night.
The driveway is snowed in again.
I lifted up the old horse waterer that I use
to cover the faucet in the winter
and filled up a chicken's water bowl.
There were two eggs this morning and I broke one because I set a feeder scoop down on it... there is a lot to be said for routine... because I hadn't put the eggs in the egg basket and left them out where they weren't safe. What a mess. Oh, well, I had a lot of snow to use to clean with.

The chickens got chopped up lettuce, cabbage and apple this morning. Some of the hens like to stay in the coop roosting and will only come out for treats. Either they eat their chicken feed earlier or they like to stay on the roost and keep their feet warm or?

Rain and some snow forecast.
Hopefully, more rain than snow.


Canyon Girl said...

I had to go to your About Me place to try to figure out where in California you were to get all that snow. I'm 4,141 feet here and it tried to snow this morning, but it gave up. We have snow in the higher elevations of our mountains here at the tail end of the Sierras. Have a great day!

lisa said...

I think we all are a little tired of the snow! We finally can see the ground again but I did have flurries again this morning.

LindaG said...

I like that your tree is still up, but sorry to hear about the snow still being there.
I hope everyone will be okay!

diane b said...

You sure have a long winter up there.