Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow Last Night

Surprise! It really did snow last night. By this afternoon a lot of the snow had melted and we let the chickens and Morgan out to stretch their legs.

Kristine said she didn't have much trouble driving in the snow this morning once she got out to the main road.

I really like how the snow makes the forest look so pretty. I don't even miss the green leaves on the trees.

I guess I am a winter person.

Only problem is I can't get many of my projects under way until it warms up around here

Morgan would like to join the hens in the scratch treat, but she knows I don't want her licking up the chickens food.

So she watches. I know. Sorry, Morgan.
It just isn't fair that the chickens get to eat
and she has to watch.

Kristine wanted biscuits, so I made biscuits on the wood stove. They turned out pretty good. I'm getting much better at cooking on the wood stove. 

(March 10, 2010)
It's amazing. Everything still looks the same.

[6 eggs today]



Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Hey Callie! Biscuits baked on a wood stove! It's been years since I've had those! YUM! I've been letting the chickens free range everyday now for a week. I love watching them scat around! Mak helps me get them back in. The one thing I'm amazed by is that they go back in the pen to lay!! No easter egg hunt! :)

Denise said...

Cooking biscuits on a wood stove sounds impressive and enjoyed your photos, especially of Morgan and the chickens. She's a good dog not to eat their food.

p.s. I think I am a bit of a winter person too. Can't stand the humidity in the summer, it always makes me feel ill if I am out too long in it. Love the spring though.

Jen's Farmily said...

It snowed there?! Wowza. It was 70 degrees here yesterday. I even noticed that my flowers are starting to pop up!

Chicken Boys said...

I don't think that coop is my style either. I am soooo a summer person. I love the heat. I love mowing the grass, sweat in my eyes, and drinking lots and lots of sweet tea...a southern thing! Have a great day!

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Cooking on a wood stove when it is cold and snowy outside sounds lovely!

~Kim~ said...

No matter how you bake them, there's no better way to start the day than with homemade biscuits! Hope all your snow melted! We still have some in Virginia where it was piled up--I think is going to be around until April! :-)

Barbee' said...

Hello Callie, I think this is my first time to post a comment though I read here often. I follow about 200 blogs so it is impossible to comment everywhere. I've enjoyed looking at all the cute chicken houses you have posted links to, so decided to tell you about Suzanne McMinn's blog "Chickens In the Road". You might enjoy reading about hers and the building of her chicken house. This link is to a list of her chicken posts, as with all blogs the list has the oldest (beginning) at the bottom. I started at the bottom and read one daily until I had read them all. I think you will enjoy it very much since you are "a chicken person", too. She lives in West Virginia.

DayPhoto said...

I am impressed with your cooking skills. and to think I was following you when you started.


Toni aka irishlas said...

Callie - I have to say, if I see as much as another snowflake this year it just might do me in! I am sooo much a summer person!
Biscuits cooked any ol' way is good by me, but, you doing them on the woodstove is pretty amazing. Makes me hungry just typing this!

Gail said...

I have never cooked on a wood stove except for a pot of beans on a heating stove.

On the other hand, I have enjoyed many wonderful meals cooked on wood stoves.

All our chickens, dogs and cats eat together.

Leslie said...

The snow does look pretty among the trees. We also had a teeny bit of snow during the night a couple days ago. I wish it had stayed around long enough so that I could get a good look at it but by morning there were just bits of it here and there.

My little dog, Taffy, will not eat the scratch when the chickens are there but will lick it up when they walk away. Hayden, on the other hand would (if I let him)just push them all aside to eat what he could. Morgan is very sweet.

Leigh said...

Gosh but I wish we could find a decently priced wood cook stove! It's high on top of my wish list!

How funny your dog would eat chicken scratch. She's a good dog to just watch.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

You got snow yesterday? We had a tornado in our area! Looking forward to warmer outdoors so I can get outside! I wish I had a wood stove, but may try cooking in the fireplace with my cast iron Dutch oven before it gets to warm!

Jody Blue said...

I'm a winter person also...something my family doesn't always appreciate when they are ready to be done with it and I'm relishing it. I have a wood cook stove in the garage storing it for a dream country home.