Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chickens, Garden and Happy St. Patrick's Day

I didn't work on making planter boxes today because I had to figure out where they would fit in the area in front of the greenhouse.

I used scrap wood to lay out the planter box areas. I raked most of the leaves onto the places that will be the walkways.

The two green bushes are a Rosemary and a Thyme.

There were times today when the sun came out and the hens wanted to sun bathe.

Morgan noticed the chickens laying in the sun and must have thought it was a good idea because she laid down behind them.

Then I noticed Morgan noticing something...

Oh, another chicken.

Another sun bather?

Oh... it's Screamer.

What is she up to?

She is such a spoil sport!

No, No, don't run over them.

What a bad girl.

Screamer is a pill.

Oh, well, the Australorp and the Wyandotte are running off with Screamer.

But, the Buff Orpington knows how to relax.

She's not going to let Screamer ruin her time in the sun.
Morgan is not going to let Screamer boss her around either.

I got my time in the sun taking photos and trying to put a garden together. I tried to grow veggies in this area once but they didn't do well at all. This year I hope that using the planter boxes and better soil will mean that we will have a garden full of good things.

After I get everything ready to plant I will need seeds or starter plants. I will start looking around for seeds.

Sprout update: Some of the lentils are splitting, but I don't see any little roots. I'll keep waiting.

(March 17, 2009)

[6 eggs today]



Vicki Lane said...

I love the way chickens lie on their sides with one wing stretched out to take the sun!

Jennifer said...

Cute pictures of your sun bathers, lol. I love watching them sun bath, its funny, at first it would scare me, thought they were dead,lol.

Chicken Boys said...

Ah, melting chickens. Aren't they the funniest when they do that? I can't wait to get my garden going this year.

Knatolee said...

Love this series of photos. That Screamer, what a party pooper!

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

I love when they sun bath and take a dust bath! The raised garden beds will look great!

Jen's Farmily said...

Our chickens plop over in the craziest places to sunbathe. One time, one of them did it on the edge of our picnic table. If she would've moved an inch she would've went off the side!! Silly chickens!!

Toni aka irishlas said...

Chicken melting! That is so bizzare, isn't it?
I'd like to outside and just melt into the sun for a bit.
Enjoy your sunny days. And thanks for the sprout update!

The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

They just look so lovely sunbathing, and your layout for the beds looks great, well done!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

What a great day for sun bathing for all.. Morgan you are doing a great job keeping Screamer in line..
We sure hope that you get that garden planted soon.. Dad found a place on the web that sells native seeds since hybrid's won't allow you to plant the seeds they produce.. Dad is all into that kind of stuff..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

JoyceAnn said...

The chickens looked so comfy , enjoying the sun. I worked a little on my bed today. Yesterday , we picked up sticks from the yard , so I put those down in the bed . I started digging , but it didn't take long to give up on that and decide I was just going to build from the ground up , forget the trenches (LOL).

~ Blessings ~

Carol............. said...

The chickens certainly look like they are ready to enjoy the warmth of spring!

Mike said...

I think your blog is great! Such interesting posts. Feel free to check out ours, if you have time.