Saturday, March 13, 2010


The sun is out today and the chickens are happy.  I collected two eggs this morning and had them for breakfast.

These six were waiting for me this afternoon.

The coop is wet and muddy and yet these eggs are in fairly clean condition.

I decided to try out sprouting the lentils I had in the cupboard. I sorted out the damaged lentils, didn't find any rocks, and rinsed the lentils with tap water.

Then I put them in a jar with water from the refrigerator that has been through the filter.

Lately the tap water has had a very strong chlorine smell so I have been using the filtered water from the refrigerator.

My thinking behind using the tap water for the first rinse was to use it to clean off any buggy type things with the scary water.

We are the last house on the road. I have heard that that can cause the water to have a concentrated smell of chlorine. I know I should call and find out what kind of chlorine they use for treating the water.

The old type of chlorine would dissipate if left to sit out a day or two, but I have read that the new form of chlorine in use in some places will not.  

It is kind of hard for me to believe that these lentils are actually going to sprout. I mean, they look so dead and dried out and they have been in that package for who knows how long.

The plan is that I change the water twice a day until I have sprouts to eat and share with the chickens. It will be so neat if they actually do something!

I have a lot of blogs that I follow and I try to read them at least once a week or more often. I was very surprised today to read that Lee at Central Coast Gardening (gardeningwithchickens) mentioned me in her blog. She is working on setting up another blog just about chickens. I enjoy reading her blog about gardening (I used to live on the central coast of California) and her chickens. I got the idea for my chicken ladder roost from her blog!

When I write this blog I try to write just as if I was talking to my daughter and friends sharing my thoughts with them and putting down thoughts as if I was writing a journal for my grandkids to read someday. They may not be interested in my blog, but maybe their kids will want to read it?

I sure wish I had something like this that my Great Grandmother Callie Clarinda Meeks wrote that I could read. I know that all the everyday things that she did would make fascinating reading for me.

(March 13, 2009)
Google Maps!

[8 eggs today]
I ate two!



diane said...

The sunshine makes the hens happy by the looks of those lovely eggs. Journal writing is fun.

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Yesterday we got 8 eggs! It is the first time ALL 8 layed ! We were so excited! :)

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Callie ~ Yep , the girls love that sunshine , you can always tell by the eggs.
I hope my blog will be a journal for my kids , Grands and Greats in the future. I saw an ad on my blog just the other day were you can get your blog printed into a book. I'm keeping that in mind , thinking about getting one printed each year.
The horsey chicken coop is very nice , love the way it looks out front. We turned our girls old playhouse into a coop for the hens. Dh built the playhouse for them out of salvaged materials off of a jobsite he was working for at the time , it has a small window too. I've had it covered this winter , but plan to take down the covering soon.

~ Many Blessings ~

Jennifer said...

Hope you get sprouts too, that will be cool! The everyday things are great to read about and I'm sure your family will love reading them one day =)

Bloody Frida said...

I think your grandkids would love to read this! I'm rooting for your lentils to sprout (pun intended heheeee)

Leigh said...

That is so cool! I may have to try sprouting a few!

I think it is great that so many people are blogging. I love reading everyones blogs and I too hope my children and grandchildren will one day read over my entries and have a better understand who I am outside of being just a mom and also for them to have a better understanding of where they came from.
Keep up the great work I really enjoy reading it! ;)

John Gray said...

you write very well!!

cambriagardener said...

Great Grandmother Callie Clarinda Meeks would have been proud of you Callie.
Thanks for the nod. I actually got another comment on my garden site!


Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Could you post a closeup picture of the egg basket pretty please? I have never seen one like that. Good luck with the lentils. I have a seed sprouter somewhere if I can find I will send it to you.

dirtyduck said...

that was cute:) you are going to share the sprouts with your chickens.hope they grow, sounds easy enough

Becky's Barnyard said...

Hope you and hens get to enjoy the lentils. You have a very good blog and I enjoy reading it.

Tanya said...

Sometimes I wonder too for whom I'm writing my blog. I think I started out just as a quilting journal and then graduated to writing about daily stuff for my daughter. Pretty soon it seemed like I was explaining Japanese customs to blog friends... Now I don't know who I'm writing for...