Friday, December 30, 2011

A Little Rain Is A Good Thing

More would be better!

It rained!

Car parking spot --- raked!
The porch got wet...
Except under the eaves.
And when I raked up leaves there was dry dirt underneath.
I think we need a decent rainstorm.

The moss on the trees wakes up when it gets wet.

The moss was green before, but now it turns a bright green.

And the moss gets fluffy!

I did some searches to find out what kind of moss it is and if it's edible.
There was way too much information
and I think I would need a microscope to identify the moss.

I haven't seen deer or the chickens eat the moss so it probably it isn't edible.

Chickens out in the drizzle.
I put the chickens 2nd breakfast inside the shed
just in case it actually started raining.

I did work on the gate.
I think I will need to straighten the gate post.
The added board may have pulled it over a bit.

After I messed with the gate and did some raking,
I came in the house, put more wood in the stove, had some tea and toast,
sat down on the daybed,
and the next thing I knew it was dusk.
Nice nap!

Kristine brought home a cup of tomato bisque (for me!)
from the restaurant where we are going to have dinner tomorrow.
(mmm... their soup is so good!

No eggs.

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Rain said...

I love the moss too! Beautiful! We are expecting freezing rain today and that I hate! already had one storm this year that made everything a mirror and many bruised butts!! But wishing you some gentle soak-in-the-ground rain Callie! Happy New Year!!