Friday, December 09, 2011

Seeking Peace On The Roof

Tom left to pick up Kathleen at the airport.
They will stay down with family for a service tonight for Dolores.
And come home later.

I spent some time on the garage roof today.

Lots of leaves on both sides.
The wind has cleared some of the roof.

After raking, I need a time out resting on the roof.
Peaceful up there.
I think of all kinds of wonderful things
to write about the meaning of life.
But they are gone.
Same thing happens before I go to sleep.
I need to keep a notepad by the bed
or a digital voice recorder.

Time to get down.

The chickens were watching me
while they were relaxing in the sunshine.

Clean roof!

Next I cut a Christmas tree.
Then I put a new head on the scarecrow.
Then I hurt my back carrying the tree.
Report and photos tomorrow,

December Quotes
My Favorite Quotations On Giving


9 - It is normal to give away a little of one's life
in order not to lose it all.
~ Albert Camus 

8 - For somehow, not only at Christmas, but all the long year through,
The joy that you give to others is the joy
that comes back to you.
~ John Greenleaf Whittier


Lana at said...

Rooftop contemplations are the best!


Michaele said...

Fantastic video! Thank you!

Terry and Linda said...

Thanks for the video!


LindaG said...

You sound like me. I think of something neat and forget it by the time I can write it down.
Glad you got to have some contemplation time. :)

Hopeful said...

hope your back is okay! good work, though. looked beautiful. enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Tanya said...

I like the picture looking up at the sky from the roof! You've not seen me on the roof in quite awhile though I suppose my roof needs to be raked... Too cold!!!!

Barbee' said...

Bet the chickens thought you were doing nothing unusual, just roosting up there.