Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cleaning Gutters And Raking Leaves

Tomorrow I need to fix the gate...
It does drag.

I got sidetracked cleaning gutters and raking more of the driveway.

I like to use the tall ladder.
Yep, the gutter is full of leaves.
Clean rusty gutter.
Tomorrow, after I fix the gate, I need to use the hose
to wash out the downspouts.

I didn't take any photos of how messed up the deck was with wet leaves.
Poor deck needs replacing.
I didn't take any pictures of that either.

I bagged up three sacks full of leaves and dumped them in the chicken pen.
The driveway is almost cleared of leaves!
I raked all the way up to the shed.
Not too much farther to go and then I can start on raking around the house.

I save raking the paths for last.
They are a treat.

And I have a plan for the paths this year.
A fitness path!
I'm thinking up different stations.

I want to build a balance walk,
a toe raise,
stretching post,
a pull up bar,
some ???
and a tire run.

I won't be running the tire run, but stepping through it would be good.

I'll be sure to have a sit down and rest station at the finish of the "trail"
where I plan to leave a snack and thermos of tea
before I start down the path.

I like the reward system. 

Little and Big (Buff Brahmas,) Tiny (Australorp) and Curly the Cochin.
The Brahmas and Curly have picked up a friend.

This little Australorp looks a bit bedraggled and missing tail feathers.
I'm calling her Tiny until she grows in all her feathers.
After that I will be hard pressed to tell her apart from her sister.

Either she is being picked on or she is still molting.


she is the newest member of the bottom of the pecking order party.

No eggs.



diane b said...

You are a handywoman to have around. Be careful up ladders, three of my friends have had nasty accidents from ladders. One died the other two broke their back.Raking leaves sounds a never ending job.

Little Messy Missy said...

A fitness path sounds like an awesome idea!

rkbsnana said...

How industrious. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Tanya said...

We need to clean our gutters too. So many leaves up there. But I'm leary about climbing around on the roof.