Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One Of Our Chickens May Have A Ring

Spent most of the day finishing raking driveway leaves, raking paths,
and filling bags with leaves for the chicken pen.

I'm trying the deep litter method this winter.

The chickens get up and have their
1st breakfast in their pen.

Then I let them out for the day and they run to the shed.
They know that's where their feed is stored,

2nd breakfast time...

The chickens are having their second breakfast.
After they finish, they come on the porch and they get cabbage
for their 3rd breakfast.

Then they free range all day eating what they can find until evening,
when they come back to the shed and fill up again before bedtime.

There might be a hen that can become invisible.
I'm always coming up one short when I count them
and have to recount several times.

I think they might be Hobbit chickens?

Feed sacks ready to be filled with leaves.
Sacks full, but still way too many leaves left to be raked.
Yea! The drive way is clear!
Well, this end of the driveway is clear.
I still have lots more driveway and places to rake.
Raking paths is my fun time raking.
Lots more paths to rake.
Raking paths is great exercise!
I took a break from driveway raking to play with the paths.

I really do enjoy raking up leaves.

I kind of feel the same way about ironing... there is something very satisfying about starting out with something that is a mess and ending up with something that looks nice and neat.

Although I do admit that I like raking way better than ironing. I love being outside enjoying the fresh air, sun and hearing the birds (chickens too.)

Sitting at an ironing board moving a hot iron around is not that much fun. Sitting is ok... in the 50's I ironed everything... sheets, underwear, if you could iron it, I ironed it... I'm a great ironer. But no sitting... all ironing was while standing.

I saw a very big black crow yesterday in a tree right over my head, who was making the loudest call I ever heard. It almost sounded like a dog up in the tree... well, that loud, cawing/calling not barking, but very loud.  I wonder if he was upset because I was moving his leaves around? 

No eggs.


V.L. Locey said...

Is the hen named Frodo?

lisa said...

Nice looking, winding drive way ;)

Michaele said...

That is a lot of breakfasts! I actually like ironing too. I iron all my work shirts. I always wondered what it would be like to "take in ironing" as a job, like many women use to do. They always did it in front of the TV too.

Bon said...

I bet that is a raven you heard Callie. Hmmm...maybe you are in that story. No leaves to rake here but there was some under the snow I shoveled this morning. Cold weather like this is one of the reasons I hesitate to get my flock started. I am in western NY State.

Lana at www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

That's a lot of work, very rewarding. It's beautiful!