Monday, August 01, 2011

Staple A Design Wall

A design wall has been on my wish list, but getting the supplies to make one eluded me until a few days ago I ran across a piece of felt I had stored away in a stack of old fabric.

Instead of folding it up and storing it away for another ten years I took stapler in hand and stapled the felt on the wall.

There are only about 12 staples around the edges so the felt will be easy to remove and in the meantime I have a neat place to layout my block pieces before I sew them together.

The stapled green felt is just a temporary trial type venture, but so far it is a winner!

These two blocks are already sewn, but it was a real help figuring out which way to turn the blocks pieces. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to get the pieces turned the wrong way round.

I watched this video a while back and the staple idea stuck with me, so when the green felt showed up it wasn't fleece but I thought why not give it a try. When I ever get to a fabric store again I will buy some fleece. In the meantime...

I liked the Fourth of July quilt so much that I decided to use some of the blocks (the ones with 4 1/2 centers) to use up some of the fabric I have along with the new chicken theme fabrics.

This is fun! I love putting these one off blocks together by hand. But I got my sewing machine out on a table to use to put the next quilt together.

Now I need to decide if having a colored felt is better than white, or gray... or blue or?

The chickens are fine, but they have cut way back on laying eggs... some days no eggs.


LindaG said...

What a great idea!
Seems like it could make a really neat wall design as well. :)

lisa said...

Such a great idea! I wish my chickens were cutting back a little bit! I am still getting around 8 eggs a day.

Tanya said...

I don't have a design wall anymore. My cats attacked the flannel I had up there and I had to take it down. I guess I need to finish some of my quilts anyway, not plan more.