Saturday, July 30, 2011

My New Teapot Is Naked

How sweet is this! It is so graceful. Thank you again Mary G.

This teapot is a pleasure to pick up! The handle feels so good in my hand and it is so well balanced overall.

Poor baby... teapot needs a cozy! I think I need to make a chicken cozy.

Yes, a nice warm chicken cozy with a tail and head and wings and...

Maybe with ruffles? hmmm... a chicken with ruffles?

Box of tea... hard to see behind the handle. Lovely card and it all came in a beautiful package!

I thought the plastic container the tea came in would be perfect for holding spools of thread!

The boxes of individual tea bags are too cute to throw away.

Question: I would love to have a nifty idea come my way for a re-use for them.
Ideas welcome!


Lana at said...

You do have an elegant teapot there with some nice textured designs. About the little teabag containers...those are so interesting! I'd keep them until something comes to mind. They are little works of art themselves!


diane b said...

A very elegant tea pot. Cute tea bag containers. Could they become Christmas tree decorations?

lisa said...

Can't wait to see the cozy you make for it! The tea pot is so nice and I have to agree I really like the tea boxes. I would want to think of a way to reuse them also!

Barbee' said...

As containers for paper clips, safety pins, etc.? You take it from here.