Saturday, August 06, 2011

Blog House Cleaning

My blog has become cluttered... I just kept adding stuff, but I need to be ruthless and go through my sidebars and dump stuff. Sniff... I have taken some things away, and I'm considering putting some of the things on a another page. I haven't found an easy way to move widgets off the blog. I guess I will just have to re-type them.

 My table is cluttered too... the Card Trick pieces on the ironing board are the wrong size. I cut the blue pieces of paper to use as a guide when I went through them all and checked.

Arrgh... I really don't like cutting out a bunch of little pieces that are almost the same size. I think I will stick to one cutting block at a time for a while.

I was going to sew this quilt on the machine, but I think it will be easier to fit all the pieces together by hand. If I can manage to cut the pieces the right size.

Morgan is so cute overseeing the chickens dinnertime. She will step in and goose a chicken that is being bossy and pushy. Morgan likes peace at supper time.

No dinner tonight... it is hot and no one wants to eat. There are plenty of leftovers if anyone gets hungry.

Well, back to the Card Tricks. Maybe I can get a block sewn together tonight?

2 eggs today.


Lana at said...

Love the dog mixed in with the chickens! Always a lot of fun! My dog gooses our chickens also! I guess a dog will always be a dog.

Love your chickens!! What kind are the black ones?


diane b said...

Too hot to eat. That's a good way to lose weight.

Michaele said...

I could use a goose-dog around here at supper time.

lisa said...

I hate it when its soo hot that you don't feel like eating! Morgan is such a good dog!

bekahjane said...

SUCH a cute picture with the dog and the chickens. cheers :)

Rain said...

Hot here-but wish it were too hot for me to eat!! haha

Feral Female said...

Love the dog and the chickens shot!

Knatolee said...

Love the photo of Morgan keeping order amongst the hens. :)