Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teapot Topper

The rubber band creates a great cool gripping surface!
This is my latest invention... a rubber band wound around the knob on the teapot lid. I left the pink rubber band on the lid because it would show up better in the photo.

There is a white rubber band next to the teapot that I used to replace the pink one.

I felt a bit guilty desecrating the lovely teapot with a rubber band until I reminded myself it was best for the  safety of the tea pot.

I'm very hard on teapots and have broken all but one. I want to take very good care of this new tea pot that Mary G. gave me.

I knocked the handle off the last teapot and broke the lid of the one before that. I try not to remember the other teapot disasters.

This teapot lid was always in danger of being dropped when it was hot and even when cool because the glaze is smooth (beautiful glaze) I had trouble keeping a grip on it.

It may not look beautiful, but the teapot lid has a much better chance of survival.

I wonder if there is a market for little chicken toppers made out of rubber band stuff?


Feral Female said...

Clever idea!

Gone Country said...

Great idea! You might be on to something!

Agrigirl said...

i think that's a very good idea and you are reusing a rubber band!

John Gray said...

handy hints!!!!!

Vicki Lane said...

A good idea, indeed!

Elephant's Eye said...

Our teapots stay in the cupboard. We make tea in mugs, one bag each. Never use a teapot any more!