Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bear In The Area

Tom told me today that there is a mother bear and two cubs roaming around close to our property and to be careful. The bear was on a neighbor's roof last night. I hope she takes her cubs back into the deep woods.

I found this video on YouTube. Haven't had a bear on our roof, but we have had bears on our chicken coop roof. They haven't been able to get in and made enough noise that we were able to make enough noise of our own to scare them away.

Those cubs sure are cute!
I want to see how the cubs get down.
House attack?

Lovely lawn...
but I don't want to take care of all that grass.
I'm very happy with leaves and my paths.

I really hope the bears stay away. They are more likely to be after the chicken feed than the chickens. It looks like this bear is after the bird feeders. This is one reason I stopped filling my bird feeders.

The other reason was the mess the squirrels were making... they even took one of the feeders apart. They have acres of oak trees, but the bird seed must be like squirrel candy.

It would be neat to have my own video of bears on our property, but I really don't want to have that opportunity present itself! I'll do without that, thank you!


Lorilee said...

Yikes! We don't have bears in my area. I am thankful. The raccoons, bobcats and snakes are enough to worry about.

Tanya said...

Mrs. Goodneedle in the blogging world was just complaining about her squirrels too. At least she doesn't have bears! All I have to contend with are snakes and frogs (and too many cats.)

Cat said...

Don't think we've had bears yet. We've had cougar, bobcat, coyotes, few neighbor's dogs... Nope, no bear.



lisa said...

I sure wouldn't want the experience either! They have seen them around here in parts too! I sure have more grass than that and you are right it is a pain to have to take care all the time, thank goodness my son is still at home to do it for me ;)

LindaG said...

I hope the bears stay away. Be safe!