Sunday, August 21, 2011

Winter Fire Wood

 What have I been up to? Well, this small pile of fire wood was much bigger and has turned into a shed almost full of stacked fire wood ready to keep us warm this winter.

There is still enough wood in another pile that needs to be split and stacked that should fill the shed. This winter we will remove the far wall of the shed to gain access to very dry wood left over from last winter and use it first.

We had a very wet winter last year, not much of a Spring or Summer. It has been hot in the valley, but no triple digit heat waves in the mountains this year. So, are we going to get another wet, cold, snowy winter?

Next job is for me to get the chicken coop and pen ready for winter. I'll start by putting down a layer of wood chips and sawdust kindly contributed by all the fire wood.

The hens like to dust in the wood chips and their scratching in it 
yields them rewards. I watch them scratch and peck, but I can't see what they are finding. 

I did see when they found and chased the lizards that were living under the wood pile. I'm sure the hens would have made a meal of the lizards if they could have caught them.

I found the lizards first. Embarrassing! I was frightened and screamed because I was surprised by a lizard when I picked up a piece of fire wood. Well... I thought it was a snake. We have rattlers up here.

2 pretty brown eggs today.
There are still two broody hens (a Buff Orpington and a Black Australorp) sharing a nest box. They are in different nests at times, but together. There was an egg under them... I think they find and egg and then sit on it... if there were more eggs maybe they would not pair up?


John Gray said...

that they do

Kelly said...

I think your firewood shed is beautiful. Only another person who heats with firewood could say that with complete honesty. Don't be ashamed, I would scream too and we don't have poisionous snakes in Maine.

Lori Skoog said...

I am very impressed with your wood shed. That's a heck of a lot of work. We are getting ready to do the same.

Vicki Lane said...

All that fire wood is a beautiful sight! Better than money in the bank in these troubled times!

Blue Sky Farm said...

Wow that is a lot of work stacking that fire wood.. Sure looks nice though.. I don't want winter to come here yet.. but it is feeling like Fall in the mornings.. We don't have a fire stove or place but I do miss the one I used to have.. real homey feeling sitting by a crackling fire..
Enjoy the remaining summer..

Lana at said...

It's so hot here in Texas...I can't imagine getting ready for winter, but we sure are ready for some cooler weather instead of the official "heat advisories" we get everyday. But it is nice to see the wood pile which represents a lot of hard work and some warm security for the cold times ahead. Good to see the chickens enjoying the feast that's invisible to our eyes.


Carol@The Writers Porch said...

Beautiful Callie!You should stay warm and cozy this winter. XO

~Niki~ said...

i live in arizona, where today it will be 116 F.
i really want to raise chickens and learn about it. but i'm afraid i cannot keep these animals outside in the heat. do you know about this? i'd love to learn about raising chickens. how do i start?