Friday, August 05, 2011

Friendly Chickens And New Inventions - Word Lens And GLMPS

 The chickens are coming, the chickens are coming!

I took Morgan out for a walk and the chickens saw us and started toward us... eventually they ended up all around us clucking away sending us chicken messages.

They didn't follow us down the driveway though... they stayed in the shade. My chickens are pretty smart.

I have been looking for a quilt block that would lend itself to dark fabric. I am happy to say I now have a stash (thank you Mary G.) and I think this block (CardTricks) works well with dark colors.

Now I just have to cut the block pieces out the correct size and number. I do better when I don't cut so many out at one time. I think I cut too many of one size? Ugh... I'll have to go back and measure.

I have been checking my Google+ page and reading posts. I didn't use Facebook or any other social site and most of my family and friends are not using Google yet, so to fill up some circles I snagged people off the Find to put in some circles to follow and I'm enjoying reading posts by the Google+ team and friends who post things like these two videos.

I'm sure I would eventually hear about these neat things and maybe everybody already does, but they are new to me and I think they are wonderful inventions.

I think I need these!


LindaG said...

I think your quilt design looks great like it is. :)

diane b said...

The chickens are sensible and megan loves her walks with you, I bet. Google + is gobbledy gook+ to me.

lisa said...

I love the quilt design! I think I have to research your google + a little more!