Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fluffy Furry Chicken?

5 Chickens?

Sometimes, Morgan thinks she is a chicken. She loves chicken feed... scratch and lay pellets... doesn't matter what I give the chickens. If the chickens are eating it then she wants some too.  Morgan snuck in some chicken scratch while I was trying to take pictures. Hope she doesn't get a tummy ache.

Of course, there really are "furry" chickens... The Silkie Breed. Click on the link to go to a BackYard Chickens page about them with lots of information and photos.

Fire! Must have fire to heat the house.
After the fire got going, I opened all the dampers.
and set the kitchen timer for fifteen minutes
so I would remember
to close the dampers so I don't burn up the wood and the house.

I love building and making a fire in the wood stove. I suppose that feeling might tap into some primeval fire homage as I give thanks for the fire wood finally catching and holding the flames. I did a happy dance when the fire finally got going after several fizzles. I had a lot of trouble getting the fire to catch today because the fire box was cold since we haven't needed a fire for a few days. It is getting cold again. It shouldn't snow according to the weather forecast, but it might. Stranger things have happened.   

I just found this video and these could be our chickens.

Our chickens come running just like this from the forest to be first to get on the porch when I toss cabbage or other treats out for them to enjoy. I'll have to try and make a video of them this summer or at least get some photos. It all happens so fast it is hard to capture when I have 14 chickens coming at me from all directions. Must do some planning and enlist Kristine to help.

Fire is still going...
It's raining buckets!


Janet said...

Love the video ! how do you keep the glass so clean on your log burner ? I have a real job getting mine clean !

wilbo43 said...

I love that chicken video. Great production.

Heather said...

Oh my God!! The video made my day, so funny. And my dog likes hanging out with the chickens too, unfortunately she likes to eat more than just the chicken food - she likes their um, byproducts as well. Makes for very bad breath!

Bloody Frida said...

Our dog also eats the chicken food!

Lynda said...

I was thinking about you when the weather report was for more snow...lots of rain here. The chicken video is a hoot! Keep the home fires burning!

Canyon Girl said...

I love the mix that is Morgan. Princess, who passed away last summer, was Border Collie/Black Lab and what a wonderful dog she was. I was amazed to find out your age! You are one tough and hard-working woman. I had hoped to be like you and was for a while until all these darned accidents. But I am hoping for better days. I do admire you though.--Inger

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious that your dog likes chicken feed.

lisa said...

That was a great video! Too funny! It has started raining here and it is supposed to keep up for the next week!!

Carol............. said...

It's raining here, too....and I wish I could sit by your stove! There's nothing more homey that a crackling fire.

Snow this late in the spring just isn't right..but it beats some of the severe weather in other parts of the country.

The chicken video cracked me up and mine act the same way. Evin if I drop something it's all heads up regardless of what it is.

Well, here's to fillin' up our egg baskets! LOL

Have a good week.

Becky's Barnyard said...

we're having a cold front also. It was down to forty-eight last night. Of course, we don't need heat, but it is nice and cool.

Vicki Lane said...

It's turned off chilly here too -- no fire but I'm enjoying the warmth of an afghan over my legs.

Kateri said...

Loved the video. Just like our chickens! I just turned on our heat as well today. Rainy and dreary here in Michigan. Hard to believe it is also cold in CA!