Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sheep Apron

I finished two aprons. One was a chicken theme apron made to this pattern. I wish I had taken photos, but Kristine was going to be seeing the dear lady that gave me the fabric, so I gave her all the items in a
big hurry. No photos.

But I must say I love these silly sheep. The apron is lined with the pink that matches the sheep's ears so well. Kristine won't model the apron so I laid it out on the cutting table I have covered with a dust throw.

I moved things around in my sewing/computer room and got rid of a lot of clutter and stuff that had ended up stored away there and lost.

I still need a sewing table. It is very nice feeling without all the stuff in the way. I still have some things to go through.

As far as the computer not having sound when I use the DVD player... I figured out how to get sound!

I was watching YouTube and there was sound, so I thought there should be sound for the movies.

There are two user accounts set up on this computer... the old one and the new one and I have been using the old account with all my bookmarks, etc.

So, I got to thinking that maybe the new account had the correct settings and that was it... the DVD player works on the new account. I guess there is some code in the kernel that wasn't changed on the old account?
I'm not messing around changing code, so I exported my bookmarks to the new account and I'm setting up iPhoto.

I am having trouble figuring out why the thumbnail option in iPhoto doesn't show up. I'll keep looking.

But, I'm very happy to be able to watch movies again... I think I will watch Red again and actually watch the screen. I listened to it while I was sewing. I finished all the Maisie Dobbs books except for the 2011 book. It has a long hold list at the library.

Hope it is sunny tomorrow.


LindaG said...

Really nice apron. :)
Your sound problem is probably just a setting on the old account, not programming in the kernal.
Ask whoever did your computer to have a look at it. Probably an easy fix for hands on.
I've done the bookmark move many times and that works, too!
Happy Wednesday! :)

Marie Anne said...

Love the apron! Would have liked to have seen the chicken one too, but I understand about passing it on before you can get pics - been there, done that.

I need to start wearing an apron. Right now it's still sweatpants and turtleneck, but that will change soon, I hope.

Rain said...

Love the apron-may even get me geared up for making one-that I badly need!! Keep it up!!