Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yikes! It's Snowing! The Power Was Out! It's May?

Hard to believe it is the middle of May and it's snowing and the power has been off all day and part of the night. Yesterday was warmish in the sun and the chickens were having a gay old time outside having dust baths.

This morning we woke up to no power and snow... thick snow. The snow doesn't bother me, but I really do miss not having power... no computer.

 The chickens got apple and broccoli, lay pellets and lots of scratch. They are not that happy, but like all the goodies to eat.

The power came back on just before 8:00pm and the phone came back online too. Computer access! Yea!

It would snow, clear a bit and then snow some more. Since the forecast was for rain I really don't know what is going to happen with the weather.

Well, I am glad I didn't spend a lot of money on plants and try and start my garden only to see it all die off from being frozen.


Lynda said...

I'm so sorry you are getting snow! My cabin up at Butte Meadows got snow, too! It had almost all melted off...and now here we go again! I wanted so much to go up for a few days...but I hate snowmobiles and won't use I have to wait for the snow to melt or use my Land Rover (it tears up the road...yuck!). Stay warm and dry.

Keetha Broyles said...

I've stopped saying the words s _ _ _ _ _ (current season) and s _ _ _ (the precipitation which you describe here) 'cause every time I SAY one of those words - - - we get MORE s _ _ _. I'm HOPING Mother Nature can't spell, and so far it's working. Go ahead - - - give it a try!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Callie, Welcome back.... I haven't seen you around in while.

So you have SNOW???? Holy Cow... I was complaining since it's gotten cold here in TN also... BUT--we don't have any snow (thank God)... ha

Glad you gave your chickens some extra goodies...

Rain said...

WOW_-Callie enough is enough!! Even here in Maine we haven't had snow for awhile!! So ready for spring-mud and summer!!

Porch Days said...

SERIOUSLY? SNOW? I would pack up those chickens and head south! My snow tolerance is very limited. I want flowers and warm breezes now. It must be hard for you to see everyone's flower pictures on the blogs! Nancy H

Angie said...

Wow, look at that snow---and it's the middle of May!!! :/ I'm so glad you stopped by my blog for a visit. :) I would love to come hang out at your place---would love to have some chickens but my hubby thinks I'm insane. :D I've become a follower so I can visit you often.