Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chicken Apron Thank You!

This Buff waited until her sisters finished eating and left for the woods and she could enjoy having the scratch all to herself.

She doesn't like me taking her photo... or maybe she is guarding her feed.

The blue patch in the sky was quickly covered by clouds.

I gave up raking the driveway until the weather dries out and warms up.

Maybe we are going to skip Spring and June is going to be another wet month?

Still a week more of thunder and rain forecast.

The quilt sandwich is still on the floor waiting for me to finish basting it together. I got about halfway and the cold and gloomy weather got to me and I quit to take up reading and watching videos.

I'm making a deal with myself... no more movies until I work on the quilt. sigh... it is so dark in there it is hard to see and... I have a lot of excuses. I do feel better today... not so depressed... the cold and gloom does not improve my mood at all.

I want to say thank you again to the dear generous lady who gave us all the beautiful fabrics which made it possible for me to have so much fun.

She sent me some lovely clear photos of the apron I sewed since I hadn't managed to get photos.

The apron is lined with red material and is reversible. I want to make one of
these aprons for me too.

Chicken mug rug!
Much better than my photo.

I had to add this photo of a bug that Kristine found and took a photo of last night.

I don't have a clue as to what it is, but it does have some interesting antenna.

I hope it is lost and trying to find it's way outside!
Or... it might be hiding from the chickens?


John Gray said...

thank you for your birthday greetings
and thank you for following my blog for so long

Knatolee said...

Love the apron and mug rug, not to mention the bug and chicken! :) Hope you get some nice weather soon. We've had a terribly rainy month but things are looking up this week.

Rain said...

Darn rain and gloom gets everyone down-but it too will pass! Love the chicken mug rug-another project for a rainy day!! haha!! If I only worked as hard on the projects as I do lining them up-then wow I'd be really something!!! Keep smiling-Callie!!!