Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Morgan And The Iron Skillet

The story goes like this:

One morning Kristine heard a strange slurpy noise coming from the kitchen.

She went downstairs and and discovered Morgan licking out the inside of my small iron skillet.

I forgot to put the lid on the skillet and morgan was busy licking out the tasty bacon grease.  I usually at least put the skillet away upside down.

Kristine told Morgan to leave it, but she didn't tell me what Morgan had been up to and I didn't use the small skillet for a week.

Yikes ...rust happened. Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, tsk, tsk... My fault for not putting the skillet away with a lid.

Getting the rust off was not a problem. Add a little oil, a lot of salt and rub it all around for a bit and the rust lifts away.

The problem is that some of the black seasoning lifts away with the rust and the skillet will need to have some new seasoning layers added.

A well seasoned skillet is black, smooth, shiny and works just like a teflon coated skillet.

Here is the little skillet with a few days of cooking and a few new layers of seasoning. It will take a month or so until it is back to the way it was before the Morgan incident.

The dutch oven is cooking meat and gravy for dinner tonight.

It is still raining. No snow except in spots.

Thunder, rain tomorrow, maybe some sun so the chickens can go outside. I'm staying inside.


Flat Creek Farm said...

We grow weary of rain and cold again here. Actually, it was a beauty of a day today, but still a chance for frost tonight. I love the Morgan and skillet story ;) Hope you see sunshine soon. -Tammy

Gone Country said...

I love my cast iron pans. I'm on the lookout for a reasonable cast iron Dutch oven. Maybe one day I'll find it!

I hope you get some nice weather soon!

lisa said...

I never heard of using oil and salt! I have a couple of old pieces that the in laws bought me that are pretty rusting and I haven't gotten a chance to get them cleaned up and I will have to try that!

Here On Crow Creek said...

I love making cornbread in my cast iron pans. I think blogger is having some issues today. I cant seem to get your blog to load up. I love your chickens!

Knatolee said...

Awww, Morgan was just trying to help with the cleaning chores!

Becky's Barnyard said...

I wish we could get some rain. It is so dry here I've been using the sprinkler and soaker hose on my garden. Iron skillets are a wonderful; when seasoned.

Tanya said...

Now, I never knew that! I haven't seen an iron skillet for awhile though... Would you have minded if you'd used the skillet after not knowing that Morgan had cleaned it?