Friday, May 13, 2011

Cutting Table

Blogger is working!
Google said something about restoring posts but I think I will just go ahead and post this photo again. I like having the table placed this way because I love being able to walk around it when I'm cutting out fabric.

I keep the table covered with the drop cloth to keep the dust off and to protect the rulers and the cutting mat. I can scoot the table against the wall to get it out of the way if I want.

I may put up some hooks to hang the rulers and I'm going to get some white table cloths with felt backing and hang them on the wall felt side out so I can stick up fabric blocks as I cut them out.

This is all going to get wet again this weekend.
Next week I am going to try and get outside and do some work even if it is raining. Well, I would like to... but I will probably just wait for some dry weather. 

I've been reading Mercedes Lackey books, watching Inspector Gently on YouTube, answering some email and doing laundry while waiting for Blogger to come back. I did miss not being able to post, and I find that I have developed a need to post. Habit? I missed not being able to read new posts by the blogs I read. Thanks to Google for this free enjoyable outlet. Glad we are all back!

I noticed that some of the comments I left on blogs have not shown up... lost? I guess I will wait awhile longer before trying to comment.


Gone Country said...

Myself and several readers of mine felt the same way when blogger was down. We decided we were co-dependent *laugh*! But, I really did miss being able to post and catch up on the blogs I read!

I like the cutting table in the middle of the room. Makes it a lot more functional. Good idea about hanging the fabric blocks on the felt!

Stay dry! I wish you could send some rain our way! We need it SO bad!

John Gray said...

nice to have u back after the break!

Tanya said...

I like your table arrangement. I wish I had enough room to be able to walk around a table! Yes, I've lost a few comments too but I'm still so happy that Blogger is back. It is a free enjoyable outlet.

Haddock said...

Oh yes, I lost comments on my post, but who is counting.....
Like that flat surfce for cutting.

Leigh said...

Losing access to our blogs for so long was a real nuisance! I read that they are working on restoring comments now, so hopefully everything will return to it's former self.

I like your arrangement for your cutting table. I agree it's nice to have all around access.