Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Job #5 - Floor

Job #5 - Wash The Floor

First I vacuumed all rooms downstairs
and then I went around on my hands and knees
and wiped the floor with the Laminate Floor Cleaner.

I put a lot of lotion on my hands
before I put on the rubber gloves.

The instructions on the bottle say to spray the cleaner
on the floor and then wipe it up.

But I hate breathing the spray
so I pour about a cup of cleaner in the bucket.
Dunk a piece of old towel in the liquid and wring out well
and use the towel to wipe the floor.
Works for me.
All the rooms look nice and shiny.

Morgan doesn't think much of the floor's new smell.

She took a sniff!

And rubbed and wiped her nose.
A lot! 

Poor Morgan!

2 eggs today


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LindaG said...

It does look great. Congratulations. I need to remember that when I am doing something I don't like the smell of.
Have a blessed weekend!

P.S. since you moderate comments, could you turn off word verification? It has taken me 5 tries to find one I could read. Don't mean to complain. Thank you.