Monday, August 27, 2012

Job #3 - Chicken Coop

Job #3 - Cleaned the chicken coop

I forgot and let the chickens out this morning
before I took a photo of them 
in their nice clean coop.

So, I took a photo of the last hen
to come in the coop tonight.
The rest of the hens are roosting.
I leave the windows dirty so the hens don't fly 
into the glass and break it.

This morning I did take photos of the two broody hens.

I would really like to believe that these are not
the same hens
who where in the photos about 6 weeks ago.

They look the same though.
I usually break hens from brooding,
but I have been busy.

And I took this photo of Morgan this morning
as she ignores the Light Brahma marching 
over to see what Morgan is doing.

And here are some photos of my owls.
One is on top of the ladder looking over the planter beds.
(it is really Kristine's owl)

See... cute, isn't he
I move the owls to different places in the garden every day.
Have to keep the birds convinced the owls are alive.

Here is the other fellow.
I have to blow him up and keep the air in
while I try to close the opening.

The chickens love their watermelon.

Oh, dear...
I forgot to check for eggs.
1 egg


1 comment:

LindaG said...

I leave the windows dirty so the hens don't fly into the glass and break it.

What a great idea. Never would have thought of that.

If your chickens are like Gail's, they eat the dog food, too. :o)

Have a wonderful day!