Sunday, August 26, 2012

Job #2 - Planters

Job #2
Planter Beds In Green Garden

Small planter bed full of herbs
Larger planter bed:
Kale, Lettuce, Potatoes, Carrots, Onions
The top two photos are of the planted beds.
Job finished.

These lower photos are of some of the steps
I went through to get the beds ready for planting.

First I took out all the berry bushes and weeds.
I did leave the potato plants.

I turned all the soil over

At the bottom of the beds are old branches.
See the Hugelkultur Tab above for those photos.

Compost pile. shovel, sack
Then I went to the compost pile
and shoveled sacks full of soil to add to the beds.
This was in addition to the soil we got at the nursery.

I turned the soil over again
and made trenches, filled them with water
to soak the branches at the bottom.

Soaking the bottom of the bed.
Filled the beds up with soil.
Raked the soil and removed twigs, rocks, etc.
Beds ready for planting.

The potato plants are at the high end of the bed.
I have deer netting over and around the beds.
I also move two plastic owls around the garden
to scare away birds.

The garden hasn't been bothered by deer.
But If they spot this green stuff
they may decide to hop the fence.

3 eggs today


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lisa said...

Great planters. We are planning to have raised beds next year. I didn't have the time to do a garden this year but next year is a must and I want raised beds! Have to be better to maintain!