Saturday, August 25, 2012

Job #1 - Posting Again After A Work Break

Job #1 completed! 
Cleared out this loft for the second time! 
Only thing left is the vacuum hose...
 This is the second and the last time 
I'm going to move everything out of the loft. 
and the horrible old rug
This time the loft gets a new floor 
before anything goes back upstairs. 

It has been very hot here 
so we got Morgan a "cool bed." 
Morgan really doesn't like her photo taken.
It took a long time to fill the bed 
with water and it is heavy and not easy to move around 
but Morgan has started using it to cool off. 
I even tried it out. It is cool to lay on. 

These three beds are Morgan's night time bed.
What I really like about these three beds 
is that they all will wash in my washing machine. 
The thick bed on the bottom has a foam core 
and the cover zips off to wash. 

One of my new rules is to just have 
dog beds that I can wash in the machine. 

I'm done with hand washing dog beds! 

I have been working and not posting or even reading blogs. 
I think I should feel guilty 
but I don't. 
I just feel tired. 

Tomorrow, I'll post photos of the garden beds. 
The carrots finally sprouted. 

The chickens are not laying well. 
Some days no eggs. 
Some days one, two, three or four. 
I think they are laying eggs under the house. 


1 comment:

LindaG said...

Good to hear from you, Callie.
I wish I could get to our loft to clear it out. I'm afraid what I'll find up there...

I know what you mean about feeling tired. It's all I can do to try and read a few blogs before bed.
I only post once or twice a month now.

Sorry to hear about your chickens. Hope you get some chicks from the hidden eggs.

Have a blessed week! ♥