Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Job #4 - Shed

Job #4 - Clean Out The Shed

Bright shiny new containers.
Retired the plastic cans.
These metal cans with tight fitting lids are for keeping
the chicken feed safe from little critters.

One of the cans is just for storing the
chickens feeder in overnight.
We found that mice, etc., were even getting into
the chickens hanging feeder.

I put the chickens feed out in front of the shed
in the open, in the sun during the day
where mice, etc., will fear to tread.
The old plastic cans didn't let leaks from the roof in,
but they let the mice in.
I took everything out of the shed and swept it clean.
Then I only put things back inside that were actually being used.
Or had a very good chance at it.

I need to do a better job of covering the bikes
In front of the bikes is a plastic container holding a straw bale,
the white bag is full of newspaper kindling,
the plastic can is for kindling...

...dog crate in the corner,
plastic cover and deer netting on top,
and the black thing in front of the dog crate
is a fold out metal dog pen.

So nice to walk into an orderly shed
The shelf is full of all kinds of chicken stuff
for adults and chicks.
Didn't realize there was so much.

The garden tools are all hanging
except for the small hand tools that are
in a bucket of sand.

I think I did pretty good getting rid
of lots of stuff we didn't use.

Below is a photo of what is left of the compost pile.
I need to fill it up again.

I had packed straw around the sides to keep the chickens
from pecking all the soil out.
I dug out pretty much all the soil
and added it to the planter beds.

I went out to take photos of the chickens
but couldn't find them.
Under the house?
Off in the woods?

2 eggs today



diane b said...

I hope Mr Fox doesn't find them. The shed looks too tidy to be a shed. But I bet it feels good to declutter.The compost system looks interesting. I need something like that to keep the animals out. How do you make it and do you just empty the kitchen scraps in, do you cover the scraps with earth?

LindaG said...

What is newspaper kindling? Just toss old newspapers in there?
And kindling. Just small bits of wood that you collect wherever?

Your shed looks great. Congratulations!

Have a wonderful evening, Callie. :o)

callie brady said...

Diane b: I think I used this site for the idea for making my compost bin:
I sift dirt...take out rocks, twigs, etc., and add that and oak leaves, alfalfa pellets and any green weeds that I can find. I just layer it, wet it, and let it sit until it turns into soil. There's lots of info online. I don't compost food. There are some foods you are not supposed to compost.

callie brady said...

LindaG: Newspaper kindling is just a bunch of old newspapers. Kindling around here is dry twigs and branches I break up and bag or put in the can for winter. So nice to have dry kindling to start the wood stove in the winter.