Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dog Tooth Care

Morgan... Sit... Stay

A little doggy tooth paste, 
a soft plastic finger tooth brush, 
and a lot of cooperation from Morgan, 
and we can achieve cleaner teeth, 

get rid of bad dog breath, 

and pick off a bit of tooth plaque.

I only try to clean a little plaque each time 
because I don't want Morgan 
to take a great dislike 
to having me clean her teeth.

She likes the doggy tooth paste, 
but she is not that excited about having her teeth brushed. 

I brush her teeth a few times a week  
and only pick at the plaque on one tooth each time. 

I would like tooth brushing time to be a good time...
for both of us.

So far, so good.

Photos by Kristine

1 egg today

1 comment:

Tanya said...

Oh dear... I don't think Choco would hold still for that! What a good dog Morgan is!