Thursday, February 02, 2012

Crowing Hen

What's that noise?
We don't have a rooster!

This hen, an Australorp, has decided she needs to crow.
She makes an awful racket!
I wonder if that is hen-roo?
She finally gave up making all that noise and left the coop 
in favor of cabbage treats.

It was damp and cold today 
but the Buff Orpington is still on her feet 
and doing well.

Morgan finishes up her pill taking
tomorrow morning.

I found that using a piece of soft, fluffy, hot dog bun 
to wrap around the pill 
is a great way to hide the pills from Morgan.

I toss her pieces of hot dog bun 
and then the wrapped pill... she gobbles them all down. 
The bun works much easier than sliced bread.

The little egg scratching critter 
is still around.
There were scratches on an egg the other day. 
I was hoping the chickens would catch 
the mystery guest.

I was supposed to clear out the sewing room today 
but I didn't.
I thought about it a lot.

0 eggs


LindaG said...

Do you think she was laying an egg while making that noise?

That is a neat tip for the pill. I need to find something that will work for my cat.

Hope you're feeling a little better. Glad to hear the Orpington is still doing well.

Foothills Poultry said...

I currently have 3 hens that crow, 2 of which have spurs as well. 1 is not very good at it, but the Australorp is quite good. The bantam Cochin hen will crow in the face of the Faverolle rooster. It seems to completely confuse the old boy, so he just walks away. LOL